Andy & Jessie Darlington

This website is still very much under construction, please be patient and come back in a while, the french version is a little more complete !

Here is a list of great resources to find out more about Permaculture while you wait for our website to come along :

  • DARREN DOHERTY and LISA HEENAN is to my knowledge the most professional designers' site on the web. It is run by a highly active couple who are cutting edge designers and teachers, and go where the need is aswell as where the money is, and as such set an important example of how its possible to act towards a better world, help less fortunate and developing cultures to advance on the road to a sustainable future, and all the while earn good money, but be ready to recycle surplus time energy and money back into needy projects.... BRAVO!!! DARREN DOHERTY and LISA HEENAN. This is exactly what Mollison has stated as the third ethic of permaculture.

    Darren is an expert designer and implementer of broadscale keyline agricultural systems, including large earth dams. This site has numerous case studies and examples , very inspirational. He is now teaching carbon farming courses with a team of experts( many are in this list)

  • Sepp Holzer

    Sepp Holzer is a very inspirational practical and clever man who has done some excellent work with aquaculture in Austria at high altitudes. He has done lots of observation and designs to create microclimate diversity on his farm. Visit for more info.

  • Permaculture francophone

    Permaculture francophone is a site put up by Sébastien Bacharach to promote permaculture in the french language . He is a blogger and keeps you up to date with stuff happening in his area of Quebec aswell.

  • The Bullock Brothers

    The Bullock Brothers have been designing and implementing their property on an island off North west USA. They are teachers and host Permaculture Design courses. An interesting site with much use of microclimates.

  • Yeomans Plows

    Yeomans Plows is a business site dedicated to providing excellent quality machinery, carefully designed to implement the PA Yeomans techniques used for soil building and water absorption in farming (dryland fertilty by absorption of rain water, even n extremely low rainfall areas.)

  • Carbon farmers of America

    This is a site that regroups efforts to start a movement of grassland agriculturalists who are using carefully chosen methods to augment soil humus and therefore soil carbon content, with a series of holistic goals: to increase fertility, production, rain water absorption, and most importantly atmospheric carbon sequestration. You can find out more by visiting the Carbon farmers of America web site. On this site Abe Collins. explains about "tall grazing".

  • Polyface Farm

    Polyface farm is the name given to the Salatin family farm Joel salatin is using animal power to create fertility and abundance. he has fun doing it too. His farm is a living circus where animals play out constructive roles as actors in a carefully designed ecosystem , called a FARM(!) each species is placed in a situation which is favourable to itself ( and it's natural behaviour patterns, needs and desires,) and also mutually beneficial with some of the other species on the farm. ( including humans. joel salatin jokes " its the animals who do all the work around here! " his dvd is very well made, highly informative, and good fun.

  • Greening the desert: Geoff Lawton

    A very inspirational video shows how geoff and friends from the permaculture movement made it possible for fruit trees grow in the driest saline conditions on earth, by building a long contour swale and harvesting rainwater over a large area, mulching produced some remarkable effects as fungii installed and helped by disabling the salt by englobing it with some organic molecules, its a bit like how earthworms floculate clays with polysacharides ?? Geoff Lawton is a huge inspiration for permaculture and has many videos available on the web There are two where he shares his discoveries of existing ancient food forests, Morroco and . These are fantastic and worth the load up time. Geoff! we have had some of your permaculture design course students through as wwoofers and they were very inspired, BRAVO!! (lovely people.)

  • Le jardin d'Emelia Hazelip

    Le jardin d'Emelia Hazelip is a well made and informative video of Emelia's fantastic garden in Provence that was a straw-mulched, raised bed, no-dig garden.

    Emelia Hazelip was a very close friend of mine and Jessies , her main work was to spread and share as much information as possible wherever she went. We have continued from those small beginnings of the first Permaculture Design Course in France in 1985 and have designed our whole life around those principles. BRAVO and Thank You Emelia.